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I'VE HAD OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN meditation, chakra alignment,

spiritual healing,


life coaching ,

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About Us

As a Clairvoyant Psychic  i am able receive intuitive and aural messages  from several sources, i offer a variety    of readings that can be modified to

tap into whatever issue my clients

are seeking to understand or resolve.

services include:

Tarot Card Reading,

Chakra psychic reading,

Past life readings,

Psychic Reading,

Spiritual Healing such as Reiki,

Chakra Balancing, 

Aura Clearing,

and much more.

Aura Cleansing Special
Limited time only, a very special deal to keep you in alignment and focused! includes the following: Aura Cleansing seven chakra crystals, meditation CD, and one on one guided meditation.



When you book us for social gatherings